Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jammu

nasha mukti kendra in jammu

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jammu

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jammu

New Generation Care Foundation (drug rehabilitation center in jammu), established in the year of 2000 in the light of mr.rajbir singh (founder & director). New generation care foundation (drug rehabilitation center in jammu) is an appropriate place for the rehabilitation of the people suffering from any kind of addiction like drugs or alcohol new generation care foundation (drug rehabilitation center in jammu) have invented new ways and treatment with the help of doctors and team of experts as now a day's people are habitual because of the hectic and pressurize life style so to rid off from this bad habit.Drug rehabilitation center in jammu has come first time fastest way to say good bye to alcohol. The nasha mukti kendra in jammu provides serene and comfortable environment for physical and mental speedy recovery of the patient. We have specialist doctor, psychologist, counselors who are being trained to give their keen observation for speedy recovery of the patient.

Our Treatment

Drug Rehabilitation Center
Drug and alcohol dependence is large problem in latest years to the world population. It devalued the moral of the society, but also producing criminal, jobless into the young dynamic youth. In Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pardesh numbers of dependency case is reported in police station. We might watch Television, radio are flooded with such pursuits. There is one Drug rehabilitation center name New Generation Care Foundation base in Jammu. Their mission is to offer quality rehabilitation and prolonged acute healthcare in a way both respectful and respectful. During high professional standards of rehabilitation and medication, multi-disciplinary teams guarantee that patient's complex healthcare needs are addressed. Living Free Foundation strives for continuous excellent improvement by encouraging and developing programs and services very sensitive to the needs of patients. 

To assist other drug addicts who've been hooked on drugs and also to give them a better life. To assist them to come from the vicious cycle through this base. Once patient begins accepting his responsibilities the process of healing is simpler. Then the households will also be brought in for additional counseling. Mr.Rajbir Singh (owner) needs these drug addicts into lead a normal lives after rehabilitation. Helping other addicts gives Mr.Rajbir Singh tremendous satisfaction and hope. It is a direct cure for drug addicts who require professional help, to assist them to come to term with fact. We assist them to locate a purpose in life and transfer them and to assist parents and their loved ones to reconcile the issue. After their discharge from rehab center this ex addicts tries into piece their life together for a brand new beginning, and some even locate marital bliss. A few of the men from center they went out and helped other addicts clean out their acts. The hardest lesson handed to these former drug addicts usually the product of experience.


Alcohol addiction Treatment

Alcohol dependence is quickly becomes an important problem all over the Jammu. The motive for this is supposed to work pressure, personal troubles, love life, and so many additional things. It is quickly becoming a major study and research topic from the arena of medication. What stars as a very simple taste for flavor or for only a social gathering becomes a habit and after an addiction. So to assist individuals with these kind of problems you will find rehabilitation center (nasha mukti Kendra in jammu) This rehabilitation center (nasha mukti kendra in jammu) provide numerous different types of treatment depending upon the severity of the patient. 

This rehabilitation centers not just provide medical treatment, but additionally so numerous other treatments. There'll be extracurricular activities for your patients such as sports, art, etc., to divert their mind and to help them return to their good life. What one has to bear in mind while selecting rehabilitation center is the sort of treatment one requires, the facility, the doctors, and what's the cost? When visiting nasha mukti Kendra in jammu the person must tell everything obviously about what the problem is, how did it begin and what's the present condition. Only then can the proper therapy be given to the patient. 

Admitting in nasha mukti kendra in jammu is among the most crucial decisions to be made. This type of decision needs to be taken by your parents or by your members of the family, as the person won't be in the position to decide as to what he really wants or what he's to do. Alcohol therapy not just consists of medical treatment, but treating your brain is also important. 

Keeping the thoughts busy is by giving a lot of activities to it such as sports, gym, games, group activities, group discussions, seminars, and suggestions. During meditation the individual patient is trained to go into a trance where he exercises his body and mind together and teaches himself on self-control, patients, positive thinking and so forth.At nasha mukti kendra in jammu we're dedicated professionals who're graced with the capability to see your transformation of your human spirit.

With the help of expert doctors and unique expertise ways and techniques of treatments here at New Generation care (nasha mukti kendra in jammu) we are intend to cure drug addicted persons who are addicted to various types of drugs, so we are providing nasha mukti kendra in jammu services in jammu, Haryana, himachal Pradesh and patiala.

Drug de addiction Treatment

Drug rehabilitation centers (nasha mukti Kendra in jammu) play an outstanding role in restoring the abused lives back on the right path. The belief of once an addict, always an addict shifted once these centers were integrated with their contributions. Drug rehabilitation center (nasha mukti Kendra in jammu) is a world by themselves. This center is often situated in places offering the utmost peace and tranquility into the possibly volatile drug addicts. Counselors, physiotherapists, supportive and medical staff employed there are carefully trained and chosen to impart love and attention to the inmates. In house and out home remedies are offered by the majority of rehabilitation center. Someone who wants to enroll a beloved in may approach this center, who constantly keeps the details about their patients confidential. 

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jammu (Drug De Addiction Center) provides treatment for alcohol dependence also. In addition to the treatment of drug misuse, the drug rehab programs factor in the personality distortions such as sexual addiction which occasionally come along with chemical abuse. In-house treatments are regarded as more effective as the patient gets a chance to always live in a healthful and understanding atmosphere until he's free from the drug vice. The physical, mental, social and religious necessities of the patients are cared for, and any personality traits that hinder the growth of each of these faculties are treated and treated. 

High technology facilities of yoga, massages, exercises, games, provided by rehabilitation centers (nasha mukti Kendra in jammu). These physical activities are intended to cleanse their body of their harmful chemicals generated in their brain due to their regular use of drugs. Once it's felt the body is healed from any after effects and relapses, the individual is made into undergo different therapies into make him mentally strong. Counselors talk into them and impart self confidence in them. No chemical drugs are utilized in any of those stages.

As western styles are being highly transforming the youth of jammu, Haryana, Himachal and other states and the youths are becoming day by day addict to these drugs, we at New Generation care (nasha mukti kendra in jammu) are working hard to transform drug addicted people to de addiction by giving them healthy treatment and lifestyle.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Here at best nasha mukti Kendra in jammu (rehabilitation center in jammu). we have expertise and specialized team of doctors who follow dual diagnose treatment, drug addicted patient at this stage is suffering from mental illness, sickness, co morbid substance abuse problems. We here at best de addicted centre in jammu hospitalize patients who have great dependency of drugs and are in depression

Addiction Treatment

As due to modernization drug addiction is raising in a tremendous manner and drug addicted youths graph is raising in solan, Haryana, himachal and jammu, we here at best nasha mukti Kendra in jammu giving treatments to drug addicts, as these drugs generate high amount of energy which leads to high blood pressure and various other diseases, so at government approved (drug rehabilitation center in jammu), Haryana, himachal and jammu we are giving best treatment and de addiction therapies which leads to drastic changed behavior of person.

Detox Treatment

New Generation care (rehabilitation center in jammu) is providing best Detox treatment to drug addicted people in north India, till date 4600 drug addicted patients are transformed to de addiction and this leads to best nasha mukti Kendra in jammu, Haryana, himachal, jammu and other states of India

Heroin addiction Treatment

Opioid which are used in cold and cough syrups in limited quantities now a days youths are taking Heroin a kind of opioid by increasing its prescribed dose from 15-25 percent which leads to drug addiction of opioid, here at new generation care (drug rehabilitation center in jammu) we use lots of therapies and meditation techniques and defoliation for making youth de addicted to these drugs. So here at best nasha mukti Kendra in jammu, Haryana and himachal we are giving best de addiction treatment for Heroi

Why Choose Us

  • Lush green center with ac and non ac room
  • One of the best success rate in country
  • Air condition rooms are available
  • World class facilities
  • 24 medical help
  • Pick-up and drop facilities
  • 1 Hyginic meal-balance diet chart for every individual patients
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar check-up on regular basis
  • Routine check up by specialist doctor

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