More Children getting addicted to drugs in Sangrur Punjab: Immediate help for rehab centres

More Children getting addicted to drugs in Sangrur Punjab: Immediate help for rehab centres.

It is so shocking to see a greater number of children getting addicted to drugs and alcohol in Sangrur Punjab. You will be amazed to know that schoolchildren as young as 9 years old are getting addicted to drugs or alcohol. Your child will go through a lot of changes during adolescence. These youngsters want to discover something new every day because of the changes taking on both inside and outside of their bodies at this age. Some of them fall into the trap of addiction out of curiosity.

Our society is currently dealing with a very serious curse.This addiction is increasing at a large pace, especially in North Indian states like Sangrur Punjab. This is an alarming state where drug awareness and treatment are quite essential. The young children are getting addicted to handy stationery items like liquid fluids, which are easily available at the stationery store.

Slowly, this leads to a serious kind of addiction where a child starts using addictive substances either because of peer pressure or bad company. Surprisingly, 100 children aged 9 to 15 are addicted to one or more types of drugs. Sangrur Punjab are well-known for their high rates of drug trafficking, abuse, and easy availability.

Not only youth but also kids are getting addicted to one or another kind of drug. Every six months, there is an increase in the number of addicts by 10 times, which is an alarming situation. There are many rehabilitation centres working day and night in Sangrur Punjab and other different states to help these children and to create awareness about drug abuse.

Children these days get distracted easily, and peer pressure and easy availability have made drug usage so common these days. Without even realising it, children experiment with addictive substances and frequently engage in destructive behavior.

What symptoms do you need to notice in your child?

Addiction involves various symptoms and changes. Some of these behavioural and physical changes are listed below. If you notice any of the below mentioned symptoms, it’s high time for you to seek professional help from expert doctors and therapists.

If you feel your child has fallen into the trap of addiction, you need to check out the symptoms that are mentioned below:

Physical changes:

  • Sudden loss in weight.
  • disrupted sleeping patterns
  • Changes in appetite
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Changes in skin
  • Shivering hands


Behavioral changes

  • Lying to friends and family
  • stealing
  • Degrading performance at work or school
  • Trouble in the relationship
  • Turning secretive in nature
  • Unable to take up or manage responsibilities
  • Financial trouble

Mental health changes

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Struggling to cope with day-to-day life
  • Emotional breakdowns
  • feeling of guilt


What treatment approach do we follow at our rehabilitation centre in Sangrur Punjab?

At our rehabilitation centre in Sangrur Punjab we believe that every individual is different, and so are their requirements. So, one person’s addiction treatment cannot be similar to that of another. As a result, as soon as the patient arrives at our rehabilitation center in sangrur punjab, we conduct an evaluation that includes both physical and mental aspects. This assessment provides us with information about the physical and mental health of the patient. Based on this condition, we plan the patient's treatment approach. Our team members decide on the right treatment approach for the patients.

Once we get an idea of the patient's health and treatment approach, the next step is to enrol the patient in our rehab centers in sangrur punjab, where the very first step is to remove the toxins from the individual's body. This process is called detoxification.

In the detoxification process, the patient’s body has to go through different medical treatments in which the toxins are removed from the body. During this time, the patient suffers from withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, trembling, fever, and shivering.

Along with this detoxification process, the patient goes through counselling and therapy sessions simultaneously. These counselling and therapy sessions help the patient stay motivated throughout the addiction treatment program. The therapy sessions help with coping with the changes. Every morning we have yoga and meditation sessions, which are quite helpful in maintaining the physical and mental health of the patient.

Once the patient starts recovering, and gets back to their normal senses, we focus on skill building activities. At this stage, we concentrate on developing the skills required for a patient to learn and grow. A child's mind is quite distractive. As a result, it is critical to keep them engaged in appropriate and productive activities. In this case, we make sure that at our rehabilitation centre we build skills like photography, cooking, painting, singing, and many more.

We do offer after therapy sessions; these therapies are quite impactful and helpful. It is quite natural for any child who has once fallen into addiction to fall for it again, so after therapies are offered to the addicted kids, they don’t fall for it again. These therapies are quintessential for surviving the addiction journey.

Certain foods aid in a quicker and more complete recovery. B vitamins are essential for recovering from addiction. This vitamin aids in the detoxification of your body from all its unpleasant sensations and supports neurological health. Grain products, chicken, eggs, yoghurt, peanuts, and cheese all contain vitamin B.

Vitamin C is a necessary vitamin as well since it helps to lessen the effects of addictive substances. If your body contains enough vitamin C, it will support the defences of your immune system. Next week, focus on calcium-rich foods like broccoli, yoghurt, and cheese. These foods are essential sources of nutrition in every diet.

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