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Best Rehabilitation Centre in Himachal Pradesh – New Generation Care Foundation

As the cases of youngsters rapidly coming under the clutches of substance abuse have risen, this has become a humongous problem for society to deal with. Substance abuse can range from alcohol, drug, meth, cocaine, marijuana, heroin etc. These have destabilized the lives of many people across the globe and have a whole underground economy of their own which are many times funded by enemy countries or underworld people to destabilize the cultural harmony or just destruct the religious majority of the country. We have been overwhelmed by the growth trajectory of such cases and New Generation Care Foundation, the best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh hopes to make a difference to the above-mentioned cause.

New Generation Care Foundation with its flagship program on the best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh has been looking at some significant expansion of its work in the region. We have curated many local and age-old techniques along with modern technology to produce medicines, and techniques to counsel, train and provide therapies to individuals to sustain their living like a normal beings. The sudden brazen overarching impact of the shift in the consumption of drug abuse has forced the government to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. New Generation Care Foundation has helped a plethora of people in helping them come out of this substance abuse and this is why we are recommended as the best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh. We provide facilities that have been doubling up since its inaugural. We have sanctioned a number of beds which averages out even the government agencies.

Why should you choose New Generation Care Foundation’s rehabilitation centre?

  • The treatment we provide is a mix of locally grown herbs which are in effect produced to stabilize or negate the effect of drugs for ages. The natural component of the herbs makes it ideal for the people to connect with the medication as they are already under the garb of usage of natural elements in the treatment which works like an advertisement in today’s culture itself. Natural is the way to go!
  • The New Generation Care Foundation e. best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh is rich in modern facilities that are absolutely state of the art. These will not only monitor and evaluate the treatment effect on a certain patient but also predict in advance how the chemicals are working in the body. No medicine fits all and therefore we need to be absolutely sure of what chemical composition of medication should be put in and in what amount so that it doesn’t negatively impact the patient.
  • Medical counsellors available with us have carved in the best treatment solution with the help of pre and post counselling sessions and a number of therapies that pitches in a great fit for the patient’s recovery process. The New Generation Care Foundation is known for its best counselling practice across many states in India.

There are a plethora of substances such as alcohol, opioids, inhalants, tobacco, etc, which can impact and change the mood and behaviour of an individual, commonly referred to as mood swings. Youngsters today utilize these substances for many reasons due to peer pressure or just to stay “cool”, however, the impact of such substances is not recorded or showcased in any of these cases which is why the awareness regarding the negative impact goes in an absolute infinite black hole. The knowledge regarding such substance is not made taught to us in our secondary schooling which can be one of the reasons why Indians are such in problematic.

New Generation Care Foundation’s flagship program of the best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh states that some patients’ historical background shows that the usage of these substances was used occasionally for recreational purposes whereas some of them used these excessively, varying upon the body and the situation the patient has driven throughout the situation. The use of these substances frequently and excessively can both be problematic as the social life of an individual is impaired. It can affect one’s personal, professional, and social life.

Frequent usage of drug substances is sure to cause changes in the structure and chemistry of the nervous system. The drug injected into the body interacts with the limbic system of the brain and produces feelings of pleasure in the brain.

When it comes to a loved one who is overwhelmed by alcohol addiction or any substance abuse, we want you to know that New Generation Care Foundation is the place where you can place your trust. At the gateway of the alcohol and drug treatment centres we at New Generation Care Foundation are at the helm of the best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh for the treatment of any kind of addiction. Every patient of the New Generation Care Foundation facilities is being given a customized treatment which is developed just for them. The dedicated specialized treatment healthcare staff covers the available knowledge about their background context and their history. They consider not only the patient’s relationship with their friends and family but as well as the desires and wishes of the future of that particular patient. This collaborative process engineering provides the patient with a sense of deep investment, empowerment and ownership of their own recovery process to their fastest improvement in the course of independence. The process of recovery of the patient goes through our rehabilitation nurses who are the angels of their life during the whole treatment process.

New Generation Care Foundation request you all to become a part of this noble initiative and let’s fight against villains of drugs and substance like heroin, Marijuana, cocaine, weed etc together. We encourage you, people, to spread as much awareness as possible so that it helps in mitigating the problems and healing society. The first step should be to help the young generation that finds it cool consuming such harmful drugs and substances and also those who consume it as a way to deal with depression and anxiety need to be made aware of the ramifications of their actions. Help New Generation Care Foundation i.e. best rehabilitation centre in Himachal Pradesh grow so that many people are saved from the tentacles of such fatal enemies. It is important that more such organizations take inspiration from the New Generation Care Foundation and strive to work together in order to completely eradicate the problem and make the state a better place to live in.

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