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Treatment of Alcohol at Alcohol Addiction Centre Chandigarh

The treatment for alcohol has become a joke nowadays. Most of the institutions and NGOs have come up with their own understanding of treatment for alcoholic treatment though it has cured some for the most, it has not been anything more than a scam. The alcoholic treatment at New Generation Care Foundation goes a long way and we have achieved a long list of cured case studies of patients that has helped lots of institutions which includes even the state government agencies. The treatment coincides with various counselling sessions, psychiatric consultations and a plethora of therapies which are then collated and brought up for a customized solution for the particular patient. Our medical staff at New Generation Care Foundation is the best alcohol addiction centre Chandigarh.

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a medical condition which is diagnosed by doctors when a patient’s drinking causes distress or harm. The condition can range from mild to severe and is diagnosed when the patient answers various questions asked to him with a yes. The questions are ranging from the craving for the alcohol to how often things go haywire when the patient stops drinking it or what happens in his body when the consumption of alcohol is stopped. This has been the usual technique of recognizing Alcohol use disorder (AUD) and we at New Generation Care Foundation have been very sincerely following our flagship programme of alcohol addiction centre Chandigarh to nurture back the growth of an individual in this aspect.

New Generation Care Foundation not only provides options for treatment like the 12 steps program or 28 days of in-house rehab treatment, but we also offer more than that. W understand that when it comes to the treatment of alcoholic treatment, there is no size that fits all and that is why we proffer our patients with many technological advancements that in turn give them absolute assurance that their treatment is not going to be done on the basis of age-old techniques rather through the best solution in place for best alcohol addiction centre Chandigarh.

How New Generation Care Foundation initiates the treatment – A glimpse

  • We initiate the conversation with a primary care doctor who helps in establishing your background context in alcohol addiction. The addiction symptoms, habits and efficacy of how strong these are – will definitely vary. The variables that we encounter here are as the following
  • Evaluation of the drinking pattern which means how often the patient consumes alcohol and in what duration the second serving of such substance becomes essential. Sometimes the patient gets panicked if not given the second serving of the same substance again within a considerable time period.
  • Drafting a customizable plan for the particular patient considering the background context which not only entails the current psychosis rather the history, situational crisis etc. The customizable plans are the reason why we are the best alcohol addiction centre Chandigarh. This helps regain the patient’s trust over the course of medication.
  • Evaluation of the overall health considerably means that we are more concerned about the past medical history of the patient. The patient medical history can help us in figuring out the chemical substances already in the body and how they might alter the composition if given alcoholic treatment medication.
  • Assessing and impacting the medication on the patient as and when the treatment initiates. These are like diagnosing the immediate after-effects of how the body is reacting to certain chemicals which we are providing the patient within the course of the treatment. Sometimes the medication reacts differently which messes up the body further. If the alcoholic treatment is not governed by the concerned medical staff with sincerity, this can be fatal for the patient.

New Generation Care Foundation with its flagship program on Alcoholic treatment lets you dive into how the process to regulate an individual body suffering from Alcohol use disorder (AUD).

New Generation Care Foundation as the top alcohol addiction centre Chandigarh is persistent with the client throughout the medication – We become family.

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a chronic problem, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to be actually very persistent when it comes to treating the cause from within. The willpower of the individual is the highest measure of prowess one could showcase. We, at New Generation Care Foundation, motivate the patient to nurture that consistency with the medication and avoid alcohol as much as they can. There are a plethora of therapies that the patient undergoes which eventually treat the patient off the Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) that is the reason why we remain the number one when it comes to the best alcohol addiction centre Chandigarh as we not only leave it for the individual to waive off the disorder rather we stick with the patient post-treatment so that things are made correct until the patient recovers. Here, we are your family and we are not leaving you until you are back to how you were before this disease took you over.

Harsh Reality – Relapse is part and parcel of the process

We aim to set the expectation straight with the client. Most of the time know where the current situation is going to eventually head and therefore we tell our patients that no matter how consistent they are with their medications and avoidance of the substance. There will come a time when you will again fall for alcohol and that is when we will again meet but this will be rather a short duration. Our medical staff is trained to bring the patient back from this relapsing time. They are educated and aware of the situation and the patient however old or new can come and get the treatment done on affordable and proven techniques which finally absolves the patient of the problem. Seeking medication again is the primary and the sole thing that the patient needs to do from their end, rest you can leave at the best alcohol addiction centre Chandigarh. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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