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Drug Addiction Treatment in Karnal – New Generation Care Foundation

Drug addiction (substance use disorder) diagnosis necessitates a thorough assessment, which frequently entails an evaluation by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or certified alcohol and drug counsellor. Drug usage is assessed by blood, urine, or other lab tests; nevertheless, these tests do not serve as an addiction diagnostic tool. Drug addiction is not a sign of weakness or a deficiency in one’s character, and overcoming it requires more than just resolve. Drug abuse can alter the brain, resulting in strong cravings and a temptation to use, making sobriety seem like an impossibility. This can happen while taking illegal substances or some prescribed medicines. No matter how terrible your circumstances seem or how many times you’ve tried and failed before, rehabilitation is always possible. Change is always achievable with the correct care and encouragement. These tests could, however, be used to keep tabs on therapy and healing. The first step toward recovery is sometimes the most difficult for those who are battling addiction: admitting you have a problem and deciding to take action. It’s common to question your ability to stop using or whether you’re ready to begin your recovery. You could worry about how you’re going to find an alternative approach to treat a medical issue if you’re hooked to a prescription drug. Drug addiction cannot be cured, but there are treatment options that can assist you in breaking the cycle of drug use and hence this is the part that the drug addiction treatment in Karnal of New Generation Care Foundation focuses on. Your physical or mental health conditions, as well as the medication you used, will affect how you are treated.

It’s crucial to maintain long-term follow-up to avoid relapse. Drug addiction is a chronic illness marked by obsessive, or uncontrollable, drug seeking and use despite negative effects and potentially long-lasting changes in the brain. The negative behaviours found in drug users may result from these alterations in the brain. Drug addiction is a relapsing condition as well. Relapse is the act of using drugs again after making an effort to stop.

The voluntary act of using drugs is the first step on the road to addiction. However, with time, a person’s capacity to decide against doing so is impaired. The substance induces obsessive drug seeking and use. The consequences of prolonged drug exposure on brain function are mostly to blame for this. The brain regions responsible for motivation, learning, and behaviour regulation are all impacted by addiction. The disease of addiction has an impact on both the brain and behaviour.

Treatment for addiction is not universal. Your needs may dictate different treatments. Depending on the substance you abuse, the degree of care you require, your unique mental health requirements, or the cost of your medical options, you can select the drug addiction treatment in Karnal of New Generation Care Foundation that is most effective for you.

Here are a few of the most popular addiction therapies that have successfully guided people toward recovery in New Generation Care Foundation –  drug addiction treatment in Karnal

Detoxification – You can detox from addictive substances in a secure setting with medical assistance. This is advantageous since unpleasant or even life-threatening physical symptoms of substance withdrawal might occasionally occur. Detox is frequently combined with other therapy because it does not address the underlying behavioural causes of the addiction.


Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy – You might be able to identify your negative thoughts with the use of rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT), which can also teach you strategies for overcoming feelings of defeat. The purpose of REBT is to assist you in realizing that your capacity for rational thought is innate and unrelated to stressors or circumstances outside of you.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – According to Indian Addiction Centers, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment method since it can be used to address a variety of addictions, including but not limited to addiction to food, alcohol, and prescription drugs. CBT as per the Drug Addiction Treatment Centre in Karnal can help you learn to recognize your problematic behavioural patterns as well as identify triggers and hone coping mechanisms. CBT can be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy.


Contingency Management – Alcohol, drug, and tobacco addictions are only a few of the many addictions that can be treated using contingency management (CM). By providing you with material rewards, condition management therapy reinforces your positive behaviour (maintaining sober). According to the drug addiction treatment in Karnal of New Generation Care Foundation, this kind of therapy has been utilized to prevent a recurrence.

12 Step Facilitation – Alcohol and drug misuse can be treated with 12-step facilitation treatment (“12-step programmes”). It is a type of group treatment that acknowledges that addiction can have a number of detrimental effects, some of which can be social, emotional, spiritual, and physical. This kind of therapy starts with acceptance, progresses to submission to a higher power, and finally moves on to participate in regular group meetings. Group meetings conducted here in New Generation Care Foundation –  drug addiction treatment in Karnal are used in popular programmes like Alcoholics Anonymous for discussion and support among members.


Treatment Using Drugs – When used in conjunction with behavioural therapy, medication can be crucial to recovery. There are several drugs that can help with cravings, mood, and addictive behaviours. This is also something that we here at New Generation Care Foundation – Drug Addiction Treatment in Karnal concern ourselves with.

One of the most effective inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in Karnal, India, is the drug addiction treatment centre. For those battling alcoholism, drug addiction, and other addictions, we provide cutting-edge, evidence-based therapies along with holistic therapy.

A comprehensive continuum of care should be provided as part of addiction treatment. Using this method, specialists can direct customers through several care levels based on their needs. Before moving clients to outpatient treatment and aftercare assistance, treatment may begin with intense inpatient treatment and detox. Clients are typically screened by a rehab facility to determine where they should start their recovery process. A customer may be admitted to New Generation Care Foundation for drug addiction treatment in Karnal after that decision has been made. You must pick a rehab facility that uses evidence-based practices and offers a continuum of care. This indicates that the centre’s treatment protocol is supported by scientific research and analysis. According to research, the most successful approach to treating addiction in patients is a mix of medication-assisted treatment and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

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