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Marijuana Treatment Centre in Chandigarh – New Generation Care Foundation

Many users of marijuana who regularly take it (for example, for medical reasons when they have a doctor’s prescription) are not regarded as having an addiction because their use is under control and manageable. However, those who are unable to restrain their consumption and use do fit the diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder or addiction. According to one study, frequent marijuana smokers who abstain from tobacco use have greater health issues and miss more days of work than those who don’t, mostly because of respiratory conditions. Smoking marijuana may increase the risk of developing lung cancer, but this is not yet known. Additionally, according to research, using increases heart rate by 20–100% right after smoking, with the effect lasting up to three hours. According to one study, marijuana users have a 4.8-fold higher risk of having a heart attack during the first hour of consuming the drug. For elderly persons and people with compromised hearts, the risk might even be higher. Studies have shown a connection between persistent marijuana usage and mental disorders. Some individuals may experience a brief psychotic reaction at high doses. Patients with schizophrenia who use the medication may also experience a worsening of their condition. Several sizable, long-term investigations have also demonstrated a connection between marijuana use and the emergence of psychosis. The best Marijuana treatment centre in Chandigarh can help you.

Marijuana therapy procedures offered by the New Generation Care Foundation:

A range of effective evidence-based therapy procedures are offered by the Marijuana treatment centre in Chandigarh. A team of skilled, compassionate specialists will offer individual and group therapy as part of this. We also offer family therapy to aid in the recovery process because addiction is a disease that affects every member of a client’s family. Clients can transfer to the residential treatment programme to continue their marijuana abuse treatment after successfully completing detox. Clients engage closely with counsellors and technicians and receive continuing support as they strive for a lifetime recovery from a marijuana addiction at the Marijuana treatment centre in Chandigarh. It can be tough to tell if you have a problem with marijuana use, and it can be even harder to stop smoking because of the continuously changing social landscape surrounding it. Similar to how alcohol has become acceptable, marijuana has also become more popular recently. As a result, the idea of quitting is complex. Even though many people who may be dependent on or addicted to marijuana don’t think they have a problem, they could still greatly benefit from marijuana addiction treatment centre in Chandigarh started by the New Generation Care Foundation.

Addiction is a sickness that can be fatal and is harmful. Every element of the addict’s life is impacted, including their personal and professional lives, as well as their emotional and physical health. Each substance, including marijuana, carries its unique hazards, but the general consensus is that addiction kills if left untreated. Memory issues, sadness, anxiety, anger, mood swings, and paranoia can all develop as a result of the long-term neurological damage that is frequently linked to substance misuse. With this background in mind, the Marijuana treatment centre in Chandigarh started by the New Generation Care Foundation focuses exclusively on the well being of its patients and aims for a better life their patients walk out with. Relapses are normal throughout the rehabilitation process, but this shouldn’t mean that recovery attempts should stop. A person and their treatment programme may need to be reevaluated and maybe readjusted to offer the necessary level of care if marijuana use relapses.

The New Generation Care Foundation’s  Marijuana treatment centre in Chandigarh is personalized, evidence-based, and inspired by the Twelve Steps because it views addiction as a chronic disease and recovery as a new way of life. It also takes place over a lengthy period of time through a continuum of care and support. Our treatment plans, both inpatient and outpatient, are made to give you the best chance to grow, adapt, and start healing—laying the groundwork for the rest of your life. You will build on that basis and discover your way to an addiction-free life through fellowship and the Twelve Steps. It doesn’t always follow that someone will never be able to stop using marijuana if they have previously tried and failed to do so. Recovery requires work and perhaps multiple tries. However, understanding about various treatment choices can be a crucial first step on the road to recovery. Addiction is treatable.

Why should you go for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

With the help of cognitive-behavioral treatment, patients learn how to stop using marijuana and deal with pressures, cravings, and high-risk circumstances that might trigger relapse. This kind of therapy, which can be given both individually and in groups, can aid individuals in developing skills for problem-solving and drug refusal as well as learning how to avoid or deal with situations that might otherwise lead to drug use.

What is Contingency Management?

Contingency management is a technique that uses concrete incentives to positively reinforce good habits like remaining abstinent and attending meetings. The rewards might be worth more if the person advances in their treatment and consistently abstains.

What is Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)?

Motivational enhancement therapy helps people feel more motivated to make positive changes in their lives by addressing any doubts they may have about giving up marijuana and going to treatment. MET aims to strengthen your intrinsic drive to change, rather than guiding you through the recovery process.

Marijuana Treatment Centres in Chandigarh are extremely well-equipped with cutting-edge and approved treatments, which in many ways inspire and reassure patients that their therapy is being carried out using methods that have been approved by science. We have positioned ourselves as India’s top treatment facility. The treatment programme entails treatments carried out in our facilities that accurately diagnose and treat patients using a variety of therapies. With its Marijuana treatment centre in Chandigarh as its centrepiece, New Generation Care Foundation offers you a personalized treatment plan and post-treatment benefits that solidify our lifetime commitment to the patient. Our aim is to make the lives of the affected and show them the true colors of life that they can themselves explore.

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