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Detox Treatment Centre in Jammu – New Generation Care Foundation

While substances and illicit drugs plague Jammu has a high number of users of alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, and heroin. It’s no surprise that the number of addicts admitted to the top detox treatment centre in Jammu has increased.

Seeking Assistance and Having Access to Detoxification Treatment

It is sad to see individuals not receiving adequate treatment. There are drug detox centres, but they have so many restrictions that most users who need treatment with alcohol and narcotics cannot get them. Among the dwindling number of people who sought and got assistance, their sources were –

  • Religious or spiritual assistance
  • Government physician or health care facility

Those who sought treatment at a government hospital were subjected to –

  • In-patient therapy
  • Government and non-governmental addiction treatment centres

Only around 10% of all users in need of treatment have access to a rehabilitation centre. When considering this form of therapy, several variables must be considered. Lack of knowledge, sufficient education, and the desire to take the essential activities for change are a few of the key reasons why millions in India, particularly in the country’s northern belt, are turning a blind eye to detox therapy. We, the staff of Detox Treatment Centre in Jammu, by New Generation Care Foundation are here to help you and your loved ones, to recover.

What Exactly Is Harm Reduction and How Does It Work at Detox Treatment Centre in Jammu- New Generation Care Foundation?

The harm reduction strategy is a way for reducing and limiting the negative impacts of addictive behaviour. It recognises that drinking, drug use, and other problems are a part of our environment, and it is preferable to reduce the risk rather than fully reject them. It does not recommend full abstinence, but rather encourages the user to adopt safer methods of usage. The idea is to gradually help the client modify their behaviours rather than radically changing their lifestyle and imposing abstinence. While this strategy has been highly helpful in Western nations, it completely contradicts the abstinence-based detox centres in India.

There are various models for harm reduction. However, they all argue for a few key concepts. These are the –

  • Respecting the rights of those who use alcohol and other drugs.
  • Utilizing evidence-based strategies.
  • Disassociating the negative societal stigma and stereotypes connected with drug use and users.
  • Reduce the harm caused by the usage of chemicals.
  • Providing access to or assistance to those who use drugs in order to reduce their usage

The following are some instances of how Harm Reduction is used in Alcohol Detoxification Treatment and Substance Use Disorders –

  • Introducing low-alcohol drinks
  • Changing bar glassware and floor plans
  • Replacement Therapy for Opioids
  • Moderation Management Training
  • Implementing Needle Exchange Programs
  • Making Safe Injection Sites Possible

Harm Reduction can refer to any strategy that has been shown to benefit individuals suffering from drug and behavioural issues. It may be as easy as encouraging people to have safer sex, instilling healthy eating habits in persons suffering from eating disorders, or even exercising for a few minutes every day.

Harm reduction strives to lessen the harm caused by drug use for individuals while not interfering with their freedom to use the substances and by offering access to services when they desire to limit their usage. It promotes the individual’s will and does not discuss abstinence unless the user chooses to do so. Detox Treatment Centre in Jammu by New Generation Care Foundation, will help you understand better so that you can make decisions and move forward, towards the path of recovery.

Benefits at Detox Treatment Centre in Jammu- New Generation Care Foundation

These techniques, like every coin, have two sides. Substance abuse treatment is very subjective and based on a variety of circumstances. While the top detox treatment centres take a more extreme approach, Harm Reduction is far more tolerant and gives the addict a choice. Let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of both ways –

  • Individual liberties are protected.
  • A non-judgmental, practical attitude
  • It seeks to improve the individual’s well-being.
  • Access to resources when assistance is necessary
  • Recognizes discrimination based on race, class, or gender
  • Scientific evidence supports positive improvements.
  • Considers the recreational usage of drugs
  • Gradual Approaches to Substance Abuse Reduction
  • Care that is supervised by employees
  • Various treatment techniques
  • Safe haven for drug withdrawal
  • Opportunity to get to the bottom of problems
  • People with a history of drug abuse
  • An individual has a chance for a fresh start.

Alcohol detox centres, for example, support a better lifestyle and help people recover from addiction. Harm reduction does not prevent drug use; an individual who continues to abuse drugs eventually seeks the services of a rehabilitation centre.

Detox Treatment Centre in Jammu- New Generation Care Foundation – Putting the Health and Wellness of our patients first

We serve guys who are addicted to alcohol or other substances. We are one of the greatest Drug Rehabilitation Centers in India, and we are located in Jammu. At our wellness centres, we promote a scientific approach that enables natural healing.

We provide services such as – at our wellness centres.

  • The 12-Step Program
  • Journaling Times
  • Group Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Sessions on Life Management
  • Sessions for Sharing
  • Session of Self-Inventory
  • Natural Detoxification Therapy for Trauma

We have assisted clients who have been addicted to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other narcotics. We have established ourselves as the Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre with a high success rate.

We want to give guys a safe place to connect with their spirituality and gain the information they need to walk the correct path. We hope that your loved ones will embark on this path of recovery by obtaining assistance from the best detox treatment centre in order to live a better life tomorrow.

How detox helps addicts, in moving towards sobriety?

Detox is the process of eliminating the remnants and poisons of drugs and alcohol from the body. It is the first phase in the rehabilitation process, maintaining physical stability prior to beginning therapy.

For maximum outcomes, the leading detox treatment centres recommend a minimum of 4-5 months at a rehabilitation centre. Although signs of healing can be shown within this time frame, patients must finish the programme to see long-term results. You and your loved ones have no reason to worry, we, the Detox Treatment Centre in Jammu – New Generation Care Foundation, are here from start till the end, for your assistance, as your wellness is our priority.

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