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Best De Addiction Centre in Chandigarh – New Generation Care Foundation

Addicts are frequently devoid of hope, but we not only offer to reintroduce them to their loved ones and daily life, but we also give them cause to feel that a new beginning is possible. An institution committed to addiction treatment focuses on more than just patient care. More importantly, we ensure that you never return to active addiction. Individualized therapy in the form of counselling, other procedures, and group activities is the emphasis of the best de-addiction centre in Chandigarh. Addiction to any substance, including alcohol or narcotics, may have disastrous effects on your life. You must recognise the value of your life and join our Best De Addiction Centre in Chandigarh by New Generation Care Foundation, India if you want to help those who also rely on you. So it’s time to put an end to your addiction issues. Visit our rehabilitation facility in Punjab, India, where we’ll provide you with the finest care possible using a holistic approach to help you overcome all of your addiction-related issues.

Helping someone recover from addiction is far more difficult than it appears. Caregivers must be patient, understanding, and kind to their patients. The doctor, nurses, and anybody else who is engaged must understand what caused the patient’s drug, alcohol, or gambling addiction. At that point, you may begin making plans to return them to normalcy. Thanks to the assistance of our expert staff, you will be able to return to your community and continue your daily life.

Services at the Best Addiction Treatment Centre in Chandigarh

At our Best De Addiction Centre in Chandigarh by New Generation Care Foundation, we treat alcoholics and drug addicts using a variety of therapies on a daily basis, including medicine, meditation, yoga, and other stress-relieving disciplines.

Our day begins with Yoga and Meditation, followed by nutritious and well-balanced meals. Following that, the patient will meet with an expert doctor for a consultation. Patients come to us for treatment from all across Chandigarh. Many people who used to live a “normal” life have been helped by our Best De-addiction Centre in Chandigarh.

Our Rehabilitation Service:

  • We offer the greatest facilities in our centre for individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.
  • We have all of the most advanced and cutting-edge treatment methods available, making us one of the top rehabilitation clinics in Punjab.
  • We have our own kitchen garden and farms where we raise our own organic green vegetables without the use of pesticides in order to provide a well-balanced diet for our patient’s physical and mental wellness.
  • Our centre is in a very quiet region, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • We have sideways fields of trees in our front yard.
  • We have a pool with a garden around it where we undertake leisure activities.
  • For outside activities, we have a volleyball court and a cricket field in our backyard.

Why Should You Choose Our Addiction Treatment Centre?

We have excellent patient success rates. The following points help in making our addiction treatment centre, the Best De Addiction Centre in Chandigarh by New Generation Care Foundation:

  • There are also rooms with air conditioning.
  • Meals that are clean (Balanced Diet Chart for every individual patient).
  • Check-ups on a daily basis by specialist d
  • The best yoga instructor.
  • The 12-Step Program.
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar levels should be checked on a regular basis.
  • Therapies and treatments that are unique.
  • Pick-up and drop-off services are available.
  • Ambulance service is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The city of Chandigarh is putting strict procedures in place to monitor and treat addiction. As a result, rehabilitation facilities offer everyone the skills and tools they need to overcome their addictions: Chandigarh, one of the best-planned cities in India, has a superb infrastructure to support its medical services.
  • There are facilities in Chandigarh that specialise in treating co-dependency with a single client at a time.
  • Because of its closeness to the Himalayas, the climate is refreshingly mild and pleasant. It is frequently advised as a last option for persons seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Meditation and yoga are two life-changing treatments that are offered for treatment.


What is the Nasha Mukti Kendra treatment method by Best De Addiction Centre in Chandigarh – New Generation Care Foundation?

The process of cleansing the body of drugs and alcohol taken by an individual is known as detoxification or detox. When someone abruptly ceases using drugs or alcohol, detox plays an important role in the safe and healthy management of withdrawal symptoms. People have varying experiences during the detoxification procedure at Best De Addiction Centre in Chandigarh by New Generation Care Foundation. The type of detox is determined by the person’s substance of choice and the duration of consumption.

For most medicines, the body might take an unknown period of time to experience withdrawal symptoms. The length of withdrawal is determined by the following factors:

  • The type of substance or alcohol to which the inpatient is addicted
  • Medium of communication (injecting, smoking, swallowing or snorting)
  • The amount of material eaten
  • Family background
  • Existing medical problems in the hospital setting

In general, when an in-patient stops drinking alcohol, the withdrawal symptoms might last up to a week (if the inpatient is practising to quit drinking only, primarily after a rough usage, severe health risks can occur during that week).

Other medications may need a longer treatment period of two weeks or more. Generally, it is more important to treat the inpatient in a way that ensures the therapy has a long-term impact and keeps the inpatient and outpatient from relapsing than it is to filter the toxic drugs from the body. It also aids in the proper management of repeated triggers.

People who are battling with alcohol and drug misuse or addiction might get much-needed assistance from a rehabilitation centre. Apart from completing the detoxification process as quickly and comfortably as possible, they also develop new coping methods to assist with any depressing mental or physical withdrawal symptoms that may arise throughout therapy.

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