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Best de-addiction centre in Jammu – New Generation Care Foundation


Jammu has always been the epicentre of drug usage. Jammu, which is part of the Jammu region, makes a sizable contribution to the drug problem that has put the Jammu region in the limelight for drug addiction and substance misuse. The police have been vigilant and diligent in their search for drug dealers and the origins of these issues but in vain. Jammu’s district police initiated a specific campaign against those supplying pills and tablets to drug addicts in 2020. Even the CIA received orders to pursue criminal prosecution of anybody engaged in illegal trading. Even though the police were somewhat successful in stopping drug sales, it wasn’t enough. There was a need for yet another organization that could also take care of the people who were already affected and pull them out of the problem in order to completely put a full stop to it. This is when New Generation Care Foundation i.e. best de-addiction centre in Jammu stepped in to take care of the affected youth to bring them out of their misery and also teach the youngsters the importance of living a drug-free life.


The New Generation Care Foundation i.e. best de-addiction centre in Jammu, since its inaugural, has been active in providing a different set of therapies to make their patients mentally robust. To do this without the usage of any chemicals is an achievement on its own. What most patients lack when at the doorstep of any rehabilitation centre is confidence and the New Generation Care Foundation takes special care in imparting this confidence to the patients. Patients who were treated in the best de-addiction centre in Jammu, strive to become more and more independent at the end of the day and understand the importance of taking meaningful roles in their life, such as education, recreation, making something out of themselves in life and taking care of their family. New Generation Care Foundation provides patients with counsellors who are available for assistance throughout the day and through the night.


Why should you choose New Generation Care Foundation’s de-addiction centre in Jammu? 


The de-addiction centres started by New Generation Care Foundation flagship program prove to be life-saving for anyone facing problems related to drug addiction or substance abuse. There’s a high risk that gets attached to the human body the moment you commence your drug addiction journey. The best de-addiction centre in Jammu has a high degree of experienced counsellors who work diligently to provide their patients with the best support possible and understand where their patients are coming from. A person who struggles with substance misuse or addiction to a particular drug must have an excessive amount of willpower to persevere because their body will oppose them. When the body has already experienced so much, it is challenging to repeat this type of strategy. Here the effectiveness of the New Generation Care Foundation’s de-addiction facilities in Jammu is demonstrated. The staff members are committed to giving their patients hope by giving them self-assurance, willpower, and connections to their former healthy origins, which they can regain. Being inebriated is akin to simply breathing and avoiding death.


Many times people facing drug abuse fail to understand life the way it should be lived and put a label of living on this intoxicated, alcoholic version of the life. We at New Generation Care Foundation understand this and make it a point to inculcate this way of living in our patients. This is how they will learn to set goals and complete them. This will help them get the confidence lost on them, something they might have once been full of. The best de-addiction centre in Jammu will help patients finally understand who they are. In addition to literally saving their lives, it will also benefit them in a variety of other ways. Additionally, it can help them maintain their relationships with their loved ones and raise awareness. Not only that, but because the De-addiction Centres will house other patients as well, a patient will have the chance to talk to someone who is going through what they are, giving them the chance to share their misery. Building new relationships is always beneficial for learning and development. We at the New Generation Care Foundation insist that our De-addiction centres completely concentrate on this.


New Generation Care Foundation being the best de-addiction centre in India has had many ups and downs over the years but what we can assure is of we consistently have been the best when it comes to treatment sessions and maintaining a symbiotic relationship with our clients. Our client testimonials serve as written evidence of our excellent service delivery, which has led to our recognition as the top de-addiction facility in India. We implore you to urge more individuals to visit our rehabilitation facilities so that the younger generation, which is essentially enslaved by this enormous problem caused, among other things, by western society and Bollywood, might be freed. We clearly explain the issue, provide an estimated time frame for resolution, and appropriately establish the patient’s expectations. The patient views the therapy in a much better symbiotic relationship since they are aware of the severity and complexity of the problem surrounding the underlying cause, which enables us as the treating party. New Generation Care Foundation i.e. best de-addiction centre in Jammu has a protocol of true honesty, no matter how bitter the impact is going to be but we set the expectations with the family of the patient in a reasonable manner beforehand.


The Jammu-based New Generation Care Foundation De-addiction Centre invites you all to join this admirable effort and join forces with us in the fight against illicit drugs and substances including heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and weed. We urge everyone to raise as much awareness as they can in order to lessen the issues and repair society. The first step should be to educate the younger generation about the dangers of using such toxic medications and substances. People who use these substances to treat sadness and anxiety should also be made aware of the consequences of their behaviour. As New Generation Care Foundation i.e. best de-addiction centre in Jammu expands, many more individuals will be rescued from the deadly adversaries’ tentacles

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