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Drug De-Addiction Treatment Amritsar – New Generation Care Foundation

New Generation Care Foundation is amongst the best treatment centres based out of Amritsar for Drug De-Addiction. The rehabilitation centre is solely responsible for curing several types of drug-related addictions. Drug de-addiction treatment, Amritsar offers state-of-the-art evidence tested and scientifically proven treatments which come with enhanced holistic training to provide to our customers. The establishment of drug de-addiction treatment Amritsar at New Generation Care Foundation was done keeping in mind the focus on outpatient treatment and direct support from government and medical staff as well as for medicines which has shown considerably encouraging results, during the past years.

The sole reason we address addicted individuals as customers is because of the social empathy that needs to be catered to. Our Drug de-addiction treatment Amritsar caters not only for treatments rather counselling sessions and psychiatric nursing. Drug de-addiction treatment Amritsar encapsulates all round treatment quality, clinical staff, accommodation and amenities and minimally chargeable meals and nutrition.

Why choose Drug de-addiction treatment Amritsar for your loved ones?

  • Specialist medical nursing facilities
  • Financial support by the foundational affiliates
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Tracking of the subjects by our specialists
  • Remediation of the de-addiction issue within the timelines through encouraging methodologies
  • Evaluation exercises conducted weekly by our medical specialists
  • Separate wards for females and males
  • Sanctioned increased number of beds every year.

Drug de-addiction treatment Amritsar is proven and has garnered undertaking from various other welfare NGOs operating within India.

Drug de-addiction treatment, Amritsar had conducted periodic sessions of individual, group and family counselling for patients holistically to understand the family background and the context behind the customised treatment of the patient. New Generation Care Foundation based drug de addiction treatment determines that ex-patients receive periodic follow-ups and home visits by our medical staff. We reviewed and surveyed our patients and the concluding remarks were satisfactory with the services which were provided by the New Generation Care Foundation based drug de-addiction treatment Amritsar.

Home visits were conducted by the counsellors at the homes of patients discharged from our flagship program – Drug de-addiction treatment Amritsar. Across the centres within that geography, we organized outreach camps in urban areas and villages for awareness level education, prevention control tactics and open registration for addicts. We also enthusiastically captured and motivated more people to come forward for counselling, and detoxification/de-addiction treatment. The vocational rehabilitation was given at the New Generation Care Foundation Drug de-addiction treatment, Amritsar.

As we have emphasised more often, families and loved ones play an important role in the motivation of addicts in coming forward and shake away the societal shackles of embarrassment and get the treatment completed as soon as possible. New Generation Care Foundation social workers are empathetic and more than incentivised to talk and learn more about the problems being faced by the addicts and aware of their families and motivate them to go and only go for the New Generation Care Foundation flagship program of Drug de-addiction treatment, Amritsar.

Apart from the status quo that New Generation Care Foundation has, we are basically miles ahead of the work that governments have put in. At New Generation Care Foundation’s flagship program of Drug De addiction – Amritsar, we encourage and come out with the finest of the fittest treatment. Here are some that you may wish to follow us because:

  • Government-authorized and accredited
  • Best quality post-treatment follow-up program
  • Psychological support and Detoxification
  • Treatment approaches are Multi-discipline
  • Maintenance of privacy and confidentiality

Not to mention that this program has achieved success rates higher than any other institution. If you are facing any challenge and you wish to be fully addicted free then New Generation Care Foundation should be the option to go for to make a lifestyle change. We endeavour to capture the core reason behind your addictive lifestyle and we prepare a unique and customized treatment including physiotherapy and counselling sessions to plan your recovery as the best rehab centre is situated with the Umang  foundation’s flagship program of Drug De-addiction, Amritsar we provide a holistic treatment which is based on modern and evidence-based scientific therapy. Our drug testing starts with a prerequisite assessment of the drug abuse which initiates from the prerequisite stage of drug addiction treatment. Drug addiction treatment is a customized resolution of your problem. Drug De-addiction, Amritsar program ensure that residential treatment programs are monitored and supportive of the environment and the duration of the recovery.

We understand that recovering from an alcohol and drug addiction is not that easy and it requires a humongous effort and very strong willpower to recover successfully. When we come across a patient with a drug alcohol problem we already know that we have to initiate a journey through various stages – This requires a scientifically evidence-based therapy and clinically proven methodology which is applied to the patient through our Drug De-addiction treatment Amritsar which is designed by psychiatrist, physiotherapist, healthcare professionals and addiction specialist. We encourage that there is an abundance of family support services that we can provide through our medical staff. we interact with our patients just like the family members would do we have a functional family support program wherein we allow family members to visit their loved ones within the New Generation Care Foundation facility and create an environment of empathy.

New Generation Care Foundation believes in providing modern facilities and amenities and lifelong aftercare support combining this with cultural and social activities the cultural programs add an important therapeutically lifelong practice to socialize and culturally acclimate in an environment that benefits all. The Drug De-addiction Treatment Amritsar is a composite venue which hosts medical professionals from all over the country who specifically specialize in drug addiction treatment and mental therapies. These people are known for customized treatment and are tailored to provide specific needs to patients.  New Generation Care Foundation encourages more people to look around for De-addiction therapy and addicted people to come out and get their treatment done because it’s now or never. This disorder can be very deadly if not treated and this is where the New Generation Care Foundation marks its dent on the country’s situation of drug treatment story

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